Hiking the Annapurna Circuit in the snow - Nepal

We had first planned to start the Annapurna Circuit end of February, but winter 2019 was an exceptional year, with heavy snowfall all the way to end of March. After four weeks of patience, we decided to give it a chance. We hoped that by the time we would reach Manang on day 5 the weather would have cleared up. Day after day, we met hikers backtracking the valley as the snow was still making things difficult. In the end, things worked out perfectly. We were amongst the first hikers of the season to make it through the Thorong La pass at 5416m asl. Our plan of starting our trek at the very beginning of the season was a very good choice. For most of the trek we slept in the smaller and authentic villages, avoiding the trekkers villages. Not only this made us meet locals, but we often were the only guest. Being one village ahead or behind the other hikers also meant we mostly hiked on our own the entire day. It is only when we reached Thorong Phedi (last night before the pass) that the choice narrowed and the beds filled up. In the end, the day we went over the pass is pretty much the only day we had to share the hiking path with others. We hiked from Ngadi to Marpha with no guide and no porter in 11 days, 146km. From Marpha we caught a bus to Tatopani and started the Annapurna Sanctuary trek.

Annapurna Sanctuary, base camp buried under the snow - Nepal

After the Annapurna Circuit trek, we had a one day rest in Tatopani and started the Annapurna Sanctuary, also called Annapurna Base Camp or ABC. The Sanctuary is located at 4130m, in the heart of the Annapurna. It took us 6 days from Tatopani, to ABC and down to Siwai were we caught a bus back to Pokhara. Again, we did this hike with no guide and no porter.
At the end of the winter this hiking route is prone to avalanche. Every year, hikers are losing their life on their way to the ABC. In this video, you will see images of the Annapurna Base camp devastated by the abundant snowfall of winter 2019. This meant longer hiking day back and forth to the Annapurna Sanctuary and more hikers to be hosted in Machapuchare base camp and Deurali. For the first time in 3 hiking weeks (Annapurna Circuit + Annapurna Sanctuary), every single bed was taken. In the end paying to sleep on a dinner table is a much better option than staying outside in a freezing cold night...
Compared to the AC, the ABC trek was a long back and forth with a nice highlight for an hour when reaching the Sanctuary. There was a lot of big guided groups and less interaction with the locals. We heard that the Mardi Himal trek is a nice alternative, giving the same amazing view over the ABC and the majestic Annapurna I (8091m asl, 10th highest peak in the world), Annapurna South (7219m asl) and Machapuchare (6993m asl). This trek was then followed by the Langtang Valley and the beautiful Gosaikunda Lakes.

Langtang Valley and Gosaikunda lakes, Nepal

The Langtang region sits on Nepal's border with Tibet, north of Kathmandu. It's a narrow valley, wedged between dramatic 6000 to 7000m snow-capped peaks, the highest of which is 7227m Langtang Lirung.
On April 2015, when the 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal, a vast landslide fell off Langtang Lirung, straight onto the Langtang village. It produced a gust of wind so powerful that the air pressure flattened every tree on the opposite side of the valley for many kilometers downstream.
Four years later, evidence of the earthquake is still everywhere, but new homes and infrastructures were rebuilt in different locations.
We hiked the beautiful Langtang - Gosaikunda trek with no guide nor porter. Starting from Thulo Barkhu over Thulo Syabru and up the Langtang valley to Kyangin Gompa. We climbed the Kyangin Ri lying at 4773 meters asl. Then we backtracked to Thulo Syabru and from there I solo hiked to the Gosaikunda lakes, over the Lauribina Pass at 4610 meters asl and made my way down to Sundarijal, on the outskirt of Kathmandu. A 9 days trek for 131 kilometers, 5700m of ascent and 6700m of descent.

New Zealand, South Island

The south island is so beautiful, versatile and different from the northern sister. Wild coasts, majestic peaks, glaciers surrounded by subtropical forest, deep fjords, thundering waterfalls. But you can also find endemic wildlife such as the Kea mountain parrot, the cheekiest birds on earth. Yellow-eyed penguin, one of the world's rarest penguin species. And we can also find more common mammals such as lazy seals. I can definitely spend hours looking at them...

New Zealand, North Island

North New Zealand has it all : Untouched subtropical forests, over 1000 years old trees, sweeping coastline, glow worm caves, volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls and of course rolling hills dotted with sheep.

Via Alpina

Follow me for 18 days along the Via Alpina trails. 354 kilometres, 24290 meters of ascent with an 17 kilos backpack.

Traveling by sailboat, Indonesia

Have you ever dreamt of being on board a sumptuous sailing boat? Traveling from one island to the next pushed by the wind? After meeting Yves and Philippe at the immigration office in Flores and helping them with the customs formalities for their sailing boat, we were welcomed to board the Grey Pearl. For three weeks, we discovered what it really means to travel by boat while sailing from Flores to Lombok with a few stops on the breathtaking Komodo national park and the very remote Sumbawa island.

Flores Island, Indonesia

Looking for an off the beaten path island with mind blowing volcanoes, picturesque traditional villages and with some nice snorkeling spot ? Did I mention that Flores is on the footstep of the Komodo national park, one of the best scuba diving spot in the world? Indonesia has a lot more to offer than touristy Bali.

Bali & Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Discover the amazing coast of Nusa Penida, the lush green nature of Bali and its beautiful temples overrun by tourist posing for their selfies.

Diving Komodo - Mantas & Dragons, Indonesia

High voltage current dive in the biodiverse rich waters of the coral triangle. Encounters with the magnificent manta rays, plenty of sharks, pelagic hunting fish, turtle, a constant rainbow of colors, untouched coral reef and of course, the komodo dragons on land.

Epic Horse Trek - Kyrgyzstan

This 3 days horse trek turned into an epic adventure when crossing an extremely muddy and slippery mountain pass in a hail storm. However this experience will remain an incredible journey in the heart of the Kyrgyz culture where families install their seasonal yurt camp by the beautiful "Holy Lake", surrounded by their grazing horses, cows, sheep and goats during the few summer months.

Iran, off the beaten track

Ever thought of Iran as a ski holiday destination? This country has it all! High mountains, sandy deserts, beaches on two different oceans, ancient monuments and - most striking to the visitors - incredibly welcoming and hospitable people. That's what led us to Iran the second time within two years.

Kazakhstan, Van Life gone bad

Discover the fabulous landscapes coming straight out of Western movies, Hyundi's open heart transplantation and our time trial to cross 4300 kilometers of steppe in 8 days before our visa's expiration.
Thanks to Roderick Polak circumbendibus.org and Charlotte & Frederik silkroad-marriage.de for sharing their drone shots!

Georgia, Great Caucasus

Follow me on a beautiful journey through the Great Caucasus. Dramatic mountains sceneries and fascinating villages in Svaneti. Challenging road across the Abano pass on our way to unspoiled Tusheti. Superb canyons, waterfalls and caves in Kutaisi region. Wonderful troglodytic monasteries and villages throughout the country.
Thanks to Roderick Polak for sharing the drone shots! circumbendibus.org

Kyrghyzstan adventures

Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of Kyrgyzstan! High snowy peaks, glaciers, idyllic lakes, green pastures, eroded red sandstone, free roaming horses, yurts. The perfect recipe for hiking, horse trekking, off-roading or just chilling on a sandy beach. Thanks to Charlotte & Frederik for sharing the drone shots! www.silkroad-marriage.de

Tajikistan - Pamir & Fan mountains

We drove through the beautiful Pamir mountains, climbed passes up to 4655 meters above sea level, discovered the lunar landscapes of the high plateau and progressed alongside Afghanistan and China for a few hundred kilometers. Never ending dirt roads, landslides, bridges taken away by water, river crossing, blown tires. What an adventure! Thanks to Charlotte & Frederik for sharing the drone shots! www.silkroad-marriage.de

Via Farinetta - Switzerland

Superb via ferrata in the Wallis canton of Switzerland. Monkey bridges and magnificent waterfall in the 1st section. Lots of height and passage in a water channel in the 2nd section, then pure vertical wall with strong overhanging on the 3rd section. It's not for the heart fainted for sure!

Kayaking the Algarve coast - Portugal

Breathtaking scenery! Kayaking trip along this wonderful eroded coast creating arches, tunnels, cathedrals and caves.

Giant waves of Nazare - Portugal

As the tradition goes: Nuno, one of the world best big wave surfer is surfing while playing the violin

Winter trip in Andalousia

Hiking along the vertiginous walkboard of the Caminito del Rey, skiing with an ocean view at the Sierra Nevada, climbing (via ferrata) the old walls of Ronda, enjoying the strange rock formation of El Torcal, admiring the beautiful sand dunes on the Costa de la Luz, a train journey through the moonlike landscapes of the Minas de Rio Tinto.

Northern Spain

Check out the beautiful geology of Las Medulas (drone shot), the north coast of Spain and the wild horses roaming free, the snowy peaks and mountain lakes of Picos and Europa and the Gaudi architecture of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Via Ferrata in Andalousia

Andalousia's topography is perfect for climbing.

The Giant Mantas - Mozambique

As soon as we jumped from the boat, we discovered a few manta rays "flying" over the reef followed by dozens of little fish. At barely 15 meters deep, this reef is actually a cleaning station where the mantas are getting rid of their parasites. For almost an hour, the group kept gliding past me at a very slow pace while looking right into my eyes or skimming my hair. I felt moments of complicity where I was more a guest than a spectator. Being the only diver, the divemaster stepped back to let me enjoy one of my most memorable dive with the sound of the singing whales setting the background soundtrack.


Horse riding to the beautiful Maletsunyane fall in Semonkong and driving down the famous Sani Pass.

Shark Diving - South Africa

Who said sharks are dangerous creatures? Amazing face to face (no cage) dive with Oceanic Black Tip Sharks and Ragged Tooth sharks in Aliwal Shoal and a cage dive with great white sharks in Mossel Bay - South Africa.
Sharks are having an extremely important role in the ecosystem by maintaining our ocean clean and healthy. They help remove the weak and the sick as well as keeping the balance with competitors helping to ensure species diversity. Sadly, the Great white sharks population has declined by 79% in the last 15 years. At this alarming rate, they might be extinct in 10 years time.


Contrast between arid and green landscapes along the Kunene River and the sumptuous Sipi Falls, touching moments spent with Himba kids, hard life of being a seal at the Cape Cross colony, Fish River and its splendid eroded canyon, wild horses rooming in the Namib desert, Warmquelle and its crystal clear natural pool, weaver birds and their amazing chef d'oeuvre.

Etosha - Namibia

Beautiful moments observing the wildlife at the different waterholes. Lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and antelopes.

Victoria Falls, helicopter flight - Zambia

The 1,7 kilometers wide Zambezi River falls in its full width into a narrow 100 meters deep gorge which will then lead to the even narrower Batoka Gorge. Join me for an aerial view of the this magnificent natural wonder!

South Luangwa - Zambia

Bathing hippos, basking crocodiles, playful baboons and elephants walking through the campsite. But that´s not all. The beautiful views are only topped by the even more spectacular sunsets.


Canoeing between amazing rock formations in Lan Ha Bay, exploring the enormous Phong Nha cave in Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, navigating on a channel surrounded by fields and crossing narrow caves near Ninh Binh.

Diving Tubbataha reef - Philippines

Amazing dive trip on the M/Y Sakura liveaboard. Beautiful preserved reef, shoal of fish, sharks including the majestic whale shark, turtles, rays and more...


Clear water of beautiful lake Malawi, playful baboons, local people and amazingly welcomed by chanting kids in a fishing village.


Discover the amazing highlights the country has to offer. The Nile from the source near lake Victoria to its powerful fall while going through a 7 meters gorge at Murchisons. The rural lifestyle of the Ugandan. Amazing primate encounters including the entertaining chimps and the incredible near to extinct mountain Gorillas.

Rafting the Nile

1 raft, 1 guide, 8 crazy tourists and 3 kayakers taking care of our safety. Join us for this rafting day on the Nile going through eight rapids of grade 5. Adrenalin guaranteed!


Close encounter with beautiful African elephants in Tsavo national parc. Entertaining moment with monkeys at Gede Ruins. Sunrise with hippos and marabous at Lake Baringo.

Lusong coral garden, Coron - Philippines

Dropped on the empty island of Lusong for 2 days, we played Robinson Crusoe and discovered a magnificent coral garden as well as the Lusong shipwreck. What a pleasure to find such of an untouched reef !

WWII Japanese shipwrecks, Philippines

Amazing dives through three different Japanese shipwrecks sunken during WWII. Aki Sushima, East Tonga and Taiei Maru off Coron Island, Philippines.


Cycling the mekong discovery trail, amazing bamboo bridge in Kampong Chan, surreal temples of Angkor, beautiful foating village in Kampong Chhnang.

Laos adventure

Kayaking down the Nam Song River, beautiful temples in Luang Prabang as well as nearby sublime waterfalls, hilltribes of northern Laos, motobiking the Bolaven plateau and its amazing waterfalls, swimming across the Mekong in Si Phan Don.

Ilhabela - Brazil

Beautiful Ilhabela has much to offer. Discover the beautiful Gato waterfall hidden in the jungle, the rich marine biodiversity surrounding the island and the Carnaval do Brazil !

Happy Beach Dog Family - Brazil

This happy cut family was of course the mascot of the beach. But what happen when the season is over and no-one is around to share a piece of sandwich ? :-(
Praia de Bombas, Peninsula Bombinha, Santa Catarina - Brazil

Stand-up Paddle - Porto Belo, Bombinhas - Brazil

Thank you Toco for this amazing Stand-up paddle experience around Porto Belo Island :-)

Color Run - Carouge

5km of COLORFUL, HAPPY and FUN run !

Via Ferrata Daubenhorn - Switzerland

Amazing via ferrata of Leukerbad in Valais, Switzerland. Plenty of height, going through a beautiful cave and sensational view all the way. The via ferrata end with a walk down along a glacier. 900 meters of ascent, 6 hours long, it is considered the longest of Switzerland and classified as extremely difficule. Adrenalin guaranteed !

Akha Loma hilltribe - Northern Laos

We had the most amazing and authentic experience during this two days hike reaching Kha Mu and Akha Loma minority villages. They hadn't seen any tourist for a year and were not expecting us. Thanks to our guide from the Muang Khwa tourist office.

Pink river dolphin - Amazonia

The pink dolphins which inhabit the rivers of the Amazon are in danger of extinction. A legend saying that the dolphin becomes a man and fertilize women continues to be passed on from generation to generation. For the communities living along rivers, the dolphin is both a prey and a competitor and inspires mistrust. If the number of fish has declining in the Amazon, it is because of the dolphins rather than overfishing and pollution, isn't it...? Despite regulations and prohibitions, they continue to be poached and end up being fishing baits.

Songkran Water Festival, Bangkok

Join me for a giant water fight in order to celebrate Songkran, the traditional buddhist New Year !

Diving Mergui Archipelago - Myanmar

6 days live-aboard to Western rocky, Twin, Shark cave and Black Rock for an amazing encounter with a whale shark and a few manta rays.

Bicycling the Mekong Discovery Trail - Cambodia

The 110 kilometers long trail from Stung Treng to Kratie runs along the Mekong River and crosses several islands (Koh Preah, Koh Phdau) reachable by boat. Following the fishing restrictions aiming to protect the Irrawaddy dolphins in the area, this project provides an alternative income to fishing communities. I extended my journey for another 140 kilometers to Kompong Cham.

Elephant Conservation Center - Laos

The Elephant Conservation Center created a nursery and implemented a program encouraging the natality of domesticated elephants. With its hospital, it enhances access to veterinary care. It offers training sessions to mahouts on various subjects and encourages to reconvert logging elephants into fair and environmentally friendly ecotourism. Elephants at the center are here to recover of an exhausting life in logging or waiting to give birth. Rather than taking them from their natural habitat to urban tourist areas, it is for the visitors to travel to their natural environment.

Nissa & Friends

Nissa, a young Langur monkey is introducing you to her new friends. Discover her unusual companions !

The Baby Monkey

Here is how Nissa, a 3 months old rescued orphaned baby langur spends her days.

The Swimming Monkeys

Have you ever seen a swimming macaque ? They are not only great swimmers, but also amazing free divers.

Camel riding in the Sinaï Desert - Egypt

Two days of camel riding in the Sinaï desert, visiting White Canyon & Closed Canyon and sleeping under the stars with our bedouin guides.

Norway with Zorro

Discover our journey through the amazing landscapes of Norway, our encounters with the fauna as well as the spectacular midnight sun.

Zorro : The full service

Zorro, Volkswagen Combi from 1974
Equiped to sleep and cook, Zorro has been our house for 2 years.
Its simple propultion drove us on the most improbable dirt roads.
Its 1600 CC engine ascended us to 5020 meters above sea level.
He crossed rivers (not without sometimes having to be towed out by a 4x4...)
After 75'000 kilometers on the American continent, Zorro crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
In view of its imporation to Switzerland, a full service was needed.
Thanks to my father for sharing his skills, energy, time and his space during the work.
Thanks Martine and Jean-Jacques for giving me the chance to restore the roof in a dry place.

Baby-sitting rescued baby monkeys

This foundation provides long-term care for orphaned, abused and injured primates. This work is essential due to the loss of natural habitat, human conflict causing an increase in the number of injured or orphaned monkeys. Other monkeys are rescued after being illegally held as pets, often in appalling conditions. A few days after I started volunteering, the centre rescued two baby monkeys including a baby female macaque. At just a few months old, Dixie is staying in John's bedroom and have 24 hour care. From that day, I have spent every afternoon with her, keeping her company.

Tulum Inframundo, Mexico

Tulum beach, Sian Kan, Yalku, Aktun Chen, Cenote Dos Ojos, Casa Cenote, Boa in the garden, Decembre 21st 2012 Ceremony

Diving the Keys, Florida

The Spiegel Grove is a 155 meters (508 feet) long ship wreck which was intentionally sunk in 2002. At a depth of 40 meters (130 feet), the wreck is covered with sponges and coral which we discovered while scuba diving. As our second dive, Molasses Reef offered abundant fishes, sea fans and corals.

Manatees & Friends, Florida

What an amazing experience we had with manatees living in their natural habitat, in Crystal River, Florida. It is such a tender and warmhearted marine mammal.

Wonders of Isabela, Galápagos

Discover our daily life on Isabela Island, Galapagos. Giant Tortoises, marine iguanas, sea lions, sea turtles, octopus, penguins, white tip sharks, eagle rays and mobula rays. All this was sighted without a guide, with mask, fins, snorkel and good lungs...

Galápagos, scuba-diving liveabord around Wolf & Darwin Islands

Imagine a whale shark swimming in the depth like a submarine, an army of hundreds of hammerhead sharks, eagle rays in a cleaning station, strange sunfishes, diving flightless cormorant, penguins moving as fast as a torpedo. This is the surrealist underwater world we discovered during our scuba-diving liveaboard cruise reaching Wolf and Darwin islands.

Chile & Peru

Chile : Atacama desert. Peru : Salinas de Maras, Machu Pichu, surfing Ica's sand dunes, thousands of birds on the beach.


Salar de Uyuni, La Paz, on the way to Potosi, Missions, break down, quick sand of d'Aguas Caliente, Laguna Colorada, Geyser Sol de Mañana, Laguna Verde.

South of Brazil

Waterfall of the Parque Estadual do Caracol, view from the Corcovado over Rio de Janeiro, the amazing Iguazu Falls, the Pantanal and the river Rio Da Prata.

Rio Da Prata

Snorkeling down the tranclucid water of the river "Rio Da Prata".

Iguazu Falls

From the Brazilian side, from an helicopter and from the Argentinean side.

Salta area, Argentina

Discover the western movies scenaries of Quebrada de la Concha, the moon-like landscape between Cafayate and Cachi, the amazing colors of Mirador Ornacal near Humahuaca, the winding road leading to Iruya and the beautiful groups of llamas.

The Wool, from the animal to the Pancho

Here is how Peruvians work the wool from the animal to the Pancho through the different steps of shearing, washing with wood-ash soap, spinning while walking, dyeing with natural stains and weaving.

When the battery is empty, we have to use our legs

After more than a week of camping, our two batteries are empty... Here is how we can still stard the engine. Many thanks to Carole and Franck for helping us...


Travel through the beautiful landscape of the Patagonian steppe and its multitude of animals and marine mammals.

Perito Moreno Glacier & Torres del Paine National Park

Spegazzini glacier, Icebergs and the huge Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, near El Calafate. Then the Torres del Paine national park with its granite pillars in Chile.

Slumdogs in Santiago

Here dogs don't have time to look for food as they are too busy sleeping or playing.


We found Chepi in Mexico, hiding underneath our car in the dark. The veterinary checked the scratch on his face and his health in general. He is in a good shape and most of all, a Mexican family accepted to adopt him. The name Chepi means September in Mayan language, the month we found him.

Baby Turtle

This baby turtle was on the beach on his own. Where are his brothers and sisters ? Perhaps he did not yet have the strength to face the waves of Tulum beach. We gave him a swimming class in order to prepare him to take off.

Traveling in the US

Las Vegas, Route 66, Death Valley, Grand Cayon, Yosemite, Elephant seals and humpbackwhales in Monterrey, Yellowstone, Nashville. Spring 2010

Sea Lions & Whale Sharks

Scuba diving with Sea Lions in Espiritu Santo National Park, Los Islotes island, near La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Also snorkeling with Whale Sharks in La Paz bay.

South India

Cruise in the Kerala's backwaters.

Scuba diving in Maldives

Dives around South Male atole

Bicycling trip

Short summary of our bicycling trip from Switzerland to Turkey, in summer 2009.

Hot Air Baloon in Cappadocia

We went for a hot air baloon tour to see the run rising above the beautiful region of Cappadoce. It is probably one of the best spot in the world for a hot air baloon exploration.

Bungy Jump in the Versasca valley - Switzerland

World famous 007 jump, the highest of Europe, 220 meters jump from a dam.

Scuba diving in Thailand

Live-a-board scuba diving around the Similan Islands

Stromboli Vulcano

Can you imagine being able to look at a volcano crater, only a few meters away ?

Scuba diving - Egypt

Swimming with hundreds of wild dolphins in a natural lagoon in the middle of the red sea.