Sea freight shipping

    For the details of our vehicle shipping from one continent to the other,click here.

    Traveling with a vehicle

    Six En Route

    We met Véro, Thierry and their four children in India, Varkala. They are traveling around the world with their camping-car for three to four years. If you think that traveling and children are not compatible, you should spend some time reading their website.
    Couple traveling with their VW combi in South America. Their have useful information regargind border crossing.

    La Strana Coppia

    We met Ugo and his motorbike in Mexico, in Baja California. He cruised the American continent from Tierra del Fuego in Argentian to Alaska.

    Traveling with a bicycle

    Antonin started his trip in Geneva on the 1st of March 2012 and has for a goal to reach the region he supports, Zanskar in northern India. To contribute to this great project of humanitarian partnership, you can sponsor a certain distance, in order to help finance projects such as: school of Marpaling Stongday, Zanskapras education, heritage preservation and sustainable development.

    Nomad Bike Family

    Along with their three children, this couple is traveling with bicycles from Switzerland to Vietnam.

    Cycling Gypsies

    Along with their two doggy co-pilots the couple have cycled through 18 countries in Europe clocking over 17,000kms in the process.


    Céline and Xavier decided to live their dream, an amazing experience, a magic adventure. They left from their native village in Switzerland with their bicycle in August 1st, 2010 and are going to cycle all the way to New Zealand.

    Tomobile Tour

    Virginie, Raphaël and their son Tom are going on a 6 months bicycling trip around the Adriatic, 6000 kms, 10 coutries to cross and thousands of souvenirs in perspective... Begining of the trip scheduled on May 6th, 2011.

    More than a mecanic

    Geraldo VW's

    We were looking for a mechanic, we found friends. We were looking for a workshop, we found home. If you have some work to be done on your VW vehicle and you are on the American continent, I recommend you to make a stop in La Paz, in the south of Baja California (Mexico). Rogelio and his team are doing a great job and they find a solution to every problem. There is no website, however you can contact Rogelio by email or phone.

    Email :, Phone : +52 1 612 125 00 56